About Us

Michael Huang and wife Winnie, both from China, bought Oppies Fish & Chips in 1996. Michael spent many years as a Chinese cuisine chef prior to coming to New Zealand in 1990 while Winnie was a familiar face in the New Zealand Tourism industry.

Although he knew nothing about this Kiwi style of food, Michael has a committed personality to everything he takes on. Michael was determined to learn all about this iconic Kiwi style food in his new adopted country which he has now called home for a quarter of a century.

Michael is a devoted family man with strong family values and has three Kiwi children, all born and bred in New Zealand. When you meet Michael, you know immediately you can trust him. He is sincere, humble, well-mannered and will go out of his way to help wherever and whenever he can.

Oppies is not just your regular fish and chips shop even though it began as one. In the last 18 years, under Michael’s leadership, Oppies has successfully combined healthy food with great taste and excellent quality to produce amazing quality and selection from this unique takeaway shop.

At Oppies, you can now eat fish and chips or Chinese takeaways with less of the guilt because Oppies’ uses Rice Bran Oil and only the very best and freshest of ingredients.

The menu caters for Kiwi taste buds but without the unwanted fatty, greasy taste one would expect from a takeaway shop. If you want the original Chinese food, Oppies has even got an unadulterated Chinese restaurant style menu.

With Cantonese Roast Pork with the signature crispy skin, Char Siew pork, Roast Duck with shiny skin and moist, succulent flesh, lamb chops with spices and a whole selection of amazing and delectable Chinese dishes, Oppies is definitely more than just fish and chips.

With excellence in mind, it is no wonder Oppies has won numerous awards. Celebrities worldwide have learnt about this healthy fish and chips shop and the wall in Oppies is peppered with celebrities from Jonah Lomu to spawnbreezie, j boog, Inner Circle, Fiji, Temuera Morrison, Joe Rokocoko


If it is good enough for these well-travelled celebrities who know to come to Oppies whenever they are in Rotorua, Oppies is certainly the best place for healthy, excellent food choices.

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